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Club Ride Info Forum

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A place for Ride Leaders to post additional information about rides that are listed on the Calendar.  Topics may include a RwGPS link, start time, start location, parking considerations, cancellations due to weather, or any other new information that is pertinent to an upcoming ride. Members can also post questions or comments about upcoming rides

CREATE A TOPIC & POST You must be logged in. Start by clicking on "Create Topic"; once you have entered the details of your ride, click on "Create". 


  • Ride Date
  • Ride Name
  • Start Location 
  • Start Time
  • Ride Rating

Topic Title examples 1/25/16 Monday B Riders, Howarth 9:00am or Friday 1/29/16, C Ride, Healdsburg, 9 am 4/C/55/Occasional

INSERT A LIVE LINK TO RwGPS  (live links will be in red

  • After you have created your post with text this is the final step to insert a live link to RwGPS
  • Click the chain link icon (see image at left)
  • Click "insert link"
  • Paste the link to RwGPS in the box that says "Website URL or email"
  • Click "insert link" at the bottom of the page  

Don't forget to hit "CONFIRM" as the last step before you post your ride on the forum

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    NOTE: you can also click your name at the top right of the website and then click "profile."
  • Click the Edit profile button
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  • Scroll down to forums  
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