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There are times when riders may decide to draft one another or ride in a paceline.  In drafting, cyclists move into close proximity with one another, often following the wheel of the rider in front of them by as little as 6".  This is a special type of riding that requires an understanding of drafting, a specific set of cycling skills and a certain level of practice.

Ride in a paceline only if these criteria are met:

    • You have the knowledge, skills, and safe riding habits
    • You trust that the other riders have the knowledge, skills and safe riding habits
    • Group members are okay with it
    • Everyone is willing to assume the added risk

A rider’s first responsibility is his or her own safety.  Observe other riders carefully to make sure they are tracking straight, and riding predictably with cautious regard for everyone.  Check for their level of attentiveness and situational awareness.  Stop drafting when you suspect that a rider or a situation might be unsafe. 

Here are some resources on riding in a paceline:

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