Post-ride Information

The 2017 Wine Country Century was a great success thanks to the efforts of a dedicated organizing committee, the 414+ wonderful volunteers, and the 2397 enthusiastic riders who made it all happen! Collectively WCC cyclists rode over 200,000 miles along the back roads of beautiful Sonoma Country. The weather was good, a little cool in the morning, a headwind going north, but a rewarding tailwind returning to the finish. All in all a good day for a WCC.  We had a grand time, we hope you did too.

Thanks to your participation in the event as a cyclist, a volunteer, and/or a consumer of the beer at the finish; over $21,500 was raised to support bicycle advocacy, at the local (county), state, and national levels.  Thank you for contributing!

2017 Jerseys / Vests / T-shirts / Socks 

Available for purchase at the SRCC Clothing Store 

Event photographs are available from PhotoCrazy.  

Locate your picture by the time that you passed the cameras on Faught Rd.

The 2018 Wine Country Century will be held on on Saturday, May 5.
Registration will open February 1, 2018.

We have some Lost & Found items, send us an

The unfortunate news of the WCC day is about bike thefts:
Bike thieves stole bikes from two riders at the start of the ride. These brazen acts ruined the day for two riders, as well as cast a dark shadow for other participants and the volunteer crew doing their best to assist the obviously distressed bike owners. The County Sheriff came and took a full report. In addition to those thefts, one of our WCC volunteers had his bike stolen from his car parked in front of his house that same day. Please beware out there.

We have received some great feed-back - Add your comments here

Just wanted to say thank you to your club and all the volunteers who put on a marvelous WCC last weekend. And kudos and thanks to the Sonoma County Sheriff Dept. too for being professional, helpful, patient and friendly all day long. We really appreciate all the hard work by the volunteers and made it a fun day to ride the bike. We know it's a lot of work and we all appreciate it. Hope it was a good day for you all. [no reply necessary--just expressing our gratitude]. T.H.

Thank you for organizing a well-organized event. I was invited by friend to join as this was his first century ride and he said he had a great experience. This is my 2nd century ride and I will highly recommend to friends and family especially the ones looking into their first century. The stops were great and the food selection was very good. Lunch for me was a roast beef wrap and it was nice and not too heavy for lunch. There were a couple of major right turns (not sure which one) that we missed and would be nice if there was a person/volunteer on that turn to guide the cyclists. Other than that, everything went smoothly in my opinion. R.R.

I rode the century last weekend. Really great event! Well organized, etc. I had a great time.

Be curious to know approximately how many of the 2600 registered riders there were for each of the four distances if that info is easily available. No worries if not... C.C.
Response (approximate number) 35 mile 300 riders, 100K 1050 riders, 100M 950 riders, 200K 200 riders

Wow! What a well run event! I typically participate in multi-day tour for another club, but the cost has gone beyond what I can afford. I will definitely be making this an annual ride instead. Beautiful route, great volunteers, rest stops that are second to none. If you only do one organized century per year, this is one to do! M.R.

Too many riders resist heeding the "single file" messages making it difficult to pass even though there were a multitude of signs posted. Perhaps the sag wagons should verbally reinforce this (?).

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who made the ride so enjoyable! My husband and I couldn't stop commending their awesome attitudes, big smiles and joyful spirit throughout the entire day.So sorry to hear about the bike thefts in the parking lot. So brazen! See you in 2018!

First I want to say SRCC does an outstanding job putting on the Best cycling event in California. I ride centuries and double centuries all over the state. No one does a better job then SRCC! But with that being said, I have one very small complaint. I had selected the Tri Tip lunch. I was only given one "little" pieces of meat. I requested more and was given on more "little" piece. I'm hoping that is an area that can be improved upon for next year. W.C.

The century was wonderful. The rest stops were perfectly placed and the food was wonderful. Specially the deli sandwich. Did I need that. I don't remember a tailwind. One solution to the bike theft problem is a bike mounted GPS tracker. K.H.

(After we shipped his favorite water bottle back to him.) Now that is some EXCELLENT customer service on top of a really fine event. I ride a number of centuries in Northern California every year and the WCC is consistently the best organized and with by far the best volunteers. Thanks for going the extra mile and sending the bottle to me – I sincerely appreciate it. M.S.

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