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Santa Rosa Cycling Club Insurance Program

Your membership in the Santa Rosa Cycling Club includes insurance coverage while participating in all road bicycling related activities conducted and supervised by the club. This includes club rides listed on the Monthly Ride Calendar, club meetings, classes and activities at the warehouse.

Non-member volunteers are also covered while participating in activities conducted and supervised by the club.

First time guests on club rides are covered if they have signed a Waiver of Liability. Registered participants in the club’s special events, like the Wine Country Century and Terrible Two, are covered.
Coverage also applies for rides listed on the Monthly Ride Calendar without a designated ride leader, such as some of the regular weekday and weekend rides.

Informal rides, organized through lists or email, are not covered by insurance because they are not conducted and supervised by the club.
There are two types of coverage:

1.   General Liability:

Protects the club, directors and officers, ride leaders, individual members, volunteers and first time guests from liability claims of bodily injury, property damage and personal injury, up to $1,000,000 per occurrence with a general aggregate limit of $5,000,000 for the club.

Sports Equipment Liability: provides coverage for equipment that is under the care, custody and control of the club. There is a $5,000 limit with a $1,000 per claim deductible.

2.   Participant Accident:

      a) Accident Medical Coverage: $10,000 per person per accident with a $500 per claim deductible. Claimant’s personal insurance is the primary coverage.

b) Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $5,000 per person per accident. 

Questions regarding the club’s insurance or submitting claims should be directed to the SRCC Insurance Coordinator: insurance@srcc.com

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