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A group of club members who are interested in scheduling a Group Riding Skills Clinic #1, Group Riding Skills Clinic #2 or Climbing and Descending Skills other than one presently listed on the Education Calendar can submit a “Sponsor a Clinic.” form. All participants must be group members. Clinics are predicated on Instructor availability.

The size of the group dictates the number of instructors needed. A group must have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10. One member should be designated as the Group Organizer and it is suggested that the group have 1 or 2 alternates for any last minute drop-outs. The Group Organizer will interact as needed with the Instructor prior to the clinic and communicate to the registrants any additional information.

The clinic will be posted to the website. The requesting group members are expected to register promptly to ensure their priority for participation. If there is still room in the clinic, it will be open to any club member who can ride at the level stated for the clinic.

Participants and their responsibilities in this process include:

Group Organizer 
-Decides to sponsor a clinic for a group of club riders
-Contacts either the Instructor or the Education Director education@srcc.com
, to discuss preliminary logistics, (time, date, rider level, etc.)
-Communicates as needed with group members prior to the clinic

-Works with Group Organizer and Education Director to finalize logistics
-Arranges for additional Instructors as needed
-Makes handouts when applicable
-Conducts clinic

Education Director
-Works with Group Organizer and Instructor to finalize logistics
-Ensures that requested date does not conflict with other club functions
-Provides information to the Web Coordinator
-Conducts post-clinic survey and conveys results to involved Instructors

Web Administrator
-Posts the clinic to the website

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