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Safety First”

Simply put, that is the goal of the Education Program. The great enjoyment that we derive from cycling can be lost in a matter of seconds. External factors that include reckless, distracted, agitated, or intoxicated drivers, poor or changing road and weather conditions, and potentially unpredictable behavior by our co-riders put us at risk. Our own shortcomings, which may very well include riding a poorly maintained bicycle, inattention to detail, inappropriate risk-taking, suboptimal group communication skills, ignorance of or refusal to adhere to basic rules of the road, and poor bike handling habits can all result in bodily injury.

Anyone of us could be the victims of an instantaneous mishap on the presumptively benign Santa Rosa Creek Trailhead that would result in months of post-surgical rehabilitation. Ask around, there are club members that will attest to this.

SRCC conducts clinics aimed at all riders to lessen these risks. We offer clinics that focus on individual bike handling skills and group riding skills. These clinics provide the tools and emphasize the need to work together as a group to ensure safe, enjoyable rides. SRCC contracts with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition to offer clinics that ensure club members have the opportunity to learn the rules of the road.

Bicycle maintenance clinics promote preventative maintenance and basic repair skills to help anticipate potential problems and decrease risk. To provide club members with skills to deal with issues when prevention fails, we offer a cycling specific clinic on First Aid.

When a cyclist learns new skills or refreshes or reinforces previously learned skills, they build confidence and lead by example. A more confident cyclist will ride more safely and predictably as an individual and in a group.

Everyone benefits from......“Safety First”



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