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February monthly topic: What's in Your Saddle Bag?

Wednesday, February 01, 2023 3:46 PM | David Levinger (Administrator)

Everyone has a spare tube and tire levers in their saddle bag, but how many of you bring along a live goldfish? Just kidding, but there are lots of things that are smart and useful additions to the kit.  Here are a few things our members bring along: 

  • tire boot or $1 bill (for tire holes or cuts)
  • patch kit and/or tubeless repair kit
  • valve extender
  • multi-tool
  • spare derailleur hanger (in case you drop your bike on its right side)
  • inflation cartridges and applicator
  • saran wrap (in case of road rash, it greatly reduces pain and bleeding)
  • benedril (anti-histamine in case of bee stings)

By adding bungies on your seat rail, you can tidily fold and roll your jacket into a burrito-sized package that is completely out of your way.

Here are a few links to what the experts bring:

Ask your fellow riders what they bring and perhaps you’ll add another useful item to this list!


  • Sunday, February 05, 2023 1:37 PM | Jan Smith Billing
    It’s a great idea to also carry a face shield with a one-way valve. Just in case CPR is necessary. It’s a very small package and takes up very little room in your saddle bag. And, it could save a life.
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