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Santa Rosa Cycling Club's  Ritchey Ranch Lunch-Stop
At Levi's GranFondo 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Volunteer Information Page 

Click here to register to volunteer 
If you have questions,  please contact Steve Drucker directly to inquire.
Steve Drucker (707) 538-5256 BDrucker@sonic.net

 Bran Brad Biancalana (707) 529-2582 bbiancal@hotmail.com 
Debbie Wymer (707) 481-1102 fuzzywymer@hotmail.com

Other Gran opportunities to help
On-course Roadside Marshals - Levi's GranFondo website

Shift 2: Afternoon  

11:30AM to 2:45PM 

Shift 3: Late Afternoon 

2:00 to 5:00PM


SRCC is once again organizing and staffing the World Famous LGF Ritchey Ranch Lunch-Stop located near Seaview and Fort Ross Roads.The event has been very exciting the last eight years, with a vast variety of riders, Levi, himself, at the lunch stop. Of course, the great benefits of the event are to cycling in Sonoma County and to the various charitable organizations the GranFondo supports. Volunteers receive a commemorative t-shirt and an invitation to the volunteer appreciation party with food, swag, and door prizes.

To join in this fun volunteering adventure, please register on this sign-up page, simply click on purple button above.  Be sure to complete the registration process by clicking the "Confirm" button, and we will promptly send you a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email after registering, try again, most likely the "Confirm" button wasn't selected the first time. Thank You. 

The club will take care of signing you up with the GranFondo organization.

Please read the FAQs at bottom of this page. Lots of great information posted there.

We are looking forward to being part of this fun community event. Hope you can join us!

Thank you,
Steve Drucker
SRCC'S Ritchey Ranch Lunch-Stop Chair (at Levi Leipheimer's King Ridge GranFondo)
(707) 538-5256



FAQ's - SRCC's Ritchey Ranch Lunch-Stop  (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. I did not receive a "Confirmation" email after registering online. Is this a problem?

Yes, it is. Your name will not appear on the volunteer lists and you will not receive any of the follow-up informational emails and we will not know to get you a t-shirt. :-(   Please try signing up again, or contact Steve Drucker to confirm.

Most likely the last step of selecting the "Confirm" button wasn't done when you registered. Please try again to register online. Complete the registration process by clicking the "Confirm" button and we will promptly send you a confirmation email. Thank you

2. Do I need to sign up as a volunteer at the GranFondo website?

No, when you sign up at the SRCC website to volunteer for the Ritchey Ranch lunch-stop, SRCC will forward all the volunteer info to the GranFondo organization.

 3. Where/When do I get my volunteer event t-shirt?

When you check-in at the volunteer check-in at the rest-stop.

4. Where is the lunch stop?

Tom Ritchey’s Ranch is on Meyers Grade/Seaview at Fort Ross Road. (see map in Question 6 below).  It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes drive from Santa Rosa.

 5. When do I need to be there?

Morning (AM) Shift--arrive at 8:00AM., leave at 11:45AM
Afternoon (PM) Shift--arrive at 11:30AM., leave at 2:45PM
Late Afternoon/Clean Up Shift--arrive at 2:00PM., leave by 5:00PM

6. What route is best to drive there or leave by?

It is important to stay off the roads the riders will be using during the GranFondo for your and the riders’ safety.  Please use the suggested routes.

Routes to get to Ritchey Ranch

a)  AM shift only:  i)  Take River Road (116) west to Highway One north.  Drive through Jenner. Turn right on Meyers Grade/Seaview. The lunch stop is when you get to Fort Ross Road. Turn into the first driveway just after the Fort Ross Road intersection.  Map is at: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/10536240

 or  ii)  Take River Road (116) west. Turn right onto Cazadero Highway. Turn left onto Fort Ross Road (after Cazadero Market). Turn right and into the lunch stop before the stop sign at Meyers Grade. Map is at:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/10536063


Take River Road (116) west to Highway One north.  Drive through Jenner. Turn right on Meyers Grade/Seaview. The lunch stop is when you get to Fort Ross Road. Turn into the first driveway just after the Fort Ross Road intersection.  Map is at: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/10536240

Routes to leave Ritchey Ranch

All Shifts:  Left (east) on Fort Ross Road.  Becomes Cazadero Highway.  Left on River Road (116) east.

7. What do I need to bring?

Hat, gloves, jacket, sunscreen, chair (we will have a few available), and sturdy shoes (no open toes or flip flops).  Please keep valuables with you or locked in your car so they will be safe and not get lost.

8. Can I bring volunteers who have not signed up in advance?

Yes, it is OK to bring friends and family members to help, It's always nice to have a few extra hands to help. They will need to sign a volunteer waiver when they get on site. But unfortunately there will not be a volunteer t-shirt for them unless they signed up a week ahead a of time

9. What do I need to do as a volunteer?

On arrival:

Check in at the information booth.
Sign the waiver.
Get your t-shirt and confirm or get your task assignment.

During your shift:

  • Work at your assigned task.  We will try to have friends work together, but may need to send you to a different job if another area is understaffed.
  • Help in other areas as needed, if idle.
  • Wash hands and wear plastic gloves if handling food or drink.
  • Please follow directions of the chair or of more experienced volunteers.
  • For the AM shift, we will have coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
  • Take breaks as needed, use the rest area near information tent, have a sandwich, snack, soda or whatever you want from the lunch stop.
  • Enjoy being part of the event; help the riders in any way possible.

After your shift:

  • Leave only via Fort Ross Rd. to Cazadero to River Rd., (not on the course with the riders on King Ridge or Meyers Grade/Highway 1).
  • Go to the FondoSonoma Festival 10 AM – 6 PM at the Finley Center and enjoy a well-deserved meal (Get meal ticket at volunteer center).
  • Give comments and suggestions for improvement for the 2017 lunch stop via email to the lunch stop chair (bdrucker@sonic.net)
  • Attend the GranFondo Volunteers Party (volunteers will receive an invite by email).

10. What are the tasks at the lunch stop?  Number of volunteers needed in “( )”

Everyone at the beginning of day--unload rental trucks as directed, set up tables, chairs, bike racks, sports drinks area, water area, rest area/tarps, signs, trash recycle/containers, etc.  We will have charts of how to set up all sections.

For AM and PM shifts:

(15)  Sandwich Tent
(5)  Munchies/Snack Foods/Fruit Tent
(3)  Entry/Exit Gates
(2)  Trash/Recycles
(4)  Water/Sports Drinks/Sodas/Ice
(2)  Information Desk (Very helpful if you know the area, the route, and event details)

At about 2:00, PM volunteers will help begin the process as directed of reloading rental trucks and gathering trash.

Late Afternoon Shift Volunteers will assist in getting the site cleared and everything packed away.

11. What do each of these tasks involve?

  • Sandwich Tent - Make sandwiches in advance, wrap and store; make custom on demand, resupply workers, distribute sandwiches.  (We are expecting 4,000 riders!)
  • Munchies/Snack Foods/Fruit Tent - Prepare fruit, set out snack items, resupply, dispose of trash, recycles and compost.
  • Entrance/Exits - Guide the volunteers into or out of the lunch stop; guide the riders into or out of the entrance or exit, direct them to desired areas.
  • Trash/Recycles - Gather trash and recycles, replace bags, bring to disposal area, monitor toilet paper, trash and water at portable toilets and sinks.
  • Sports Drinks/Water - Assist riders with filling water bottles, fill and mix sports drinks in coolers, resupply, refill and dispose of waste, get ice as needed.
  • Soda/Ice - Put out soft drinks (mostly regular Coke) with ice in the soda troughs; only put out a few Diet Coke, Root Beer or Squirt.

Info. Desks 
  1. Check in volunteers for AM, PM or PM late/clean up crews as they arrive.
  2. Make sure each has signed a waiver and we have it on site.
  3. Assign tasks if not already on list.
  4. Guide riders to desired areas.
  5. Answer any questions or refer to people who can answer.

11. Want to Carpool?

Ride with fellow volunteers and carpool. The less cars on the GranFondo roads, the safer it is for the riders during the event. You will receive an email listing all the volunteers on your shift who live in your area.

12. Still Have Questions ?

Please contact Steve Drucker:  (707) 538-5256   bdrucker@sonic.net

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