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Kings Ridge Loop from Duncans Mills • 5/B/50 • Duncans Mills

  • Monday, July 17, 2017
  • 9:00 AM
  • Cazadero, Kings Ride, Seaview, Meyers Grade, Hwy 1; David Mair

Starts at Duncan Mills
Led by David Mair

Occasional Regroups

This ride starts at Duncan Mills and goes up King Ridge, Hauser Bridge, Seaview, Meyers Grade and Hwy 1 and then back to Duncan Mills.

There will be pacelines of groups of 3-5 per persons in a group from Duncan Mills to the town of Cazadero and from the junction of Meyers Grade and HWY 1 back to Duncan Mills, with each group sticking together. We want to make it safe for the cars to leap frog around us, thereby making it safe for us as well - if we can get some good will towards cyclists along the way, all the better.

Roll out time is 9am so if you can't be on time be early and if you can't do either....then catch up! :-)

Route slip here.

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