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APRIL ALPINA 2021 - every member can play - no registration - no fee

This month's program challenges you to step up and set a personal climbing goal.  You can face the hills on your own, or even better list a ride on the club calendar and lead a group over hill and dale. At the end of April, we'll add up the miles and climbs see who has met their goals and has completed the most climbs. But anyone can win a prize. Just log your elevation and climb as follows:

1. Log your information on the Google Sheets HERE. There are THREE tabs on the sheet.

2. ON THE FIRST TAB set your goal for the month in feet of climb and log the climb on your rides, by day of the month.

Choose from: 5,000; 10,000; 15,000; 25,000; 50,000; 75,000; 100,000 ft of climb. 

3. ON THE SECOND AND THIRD TABS, you will see the common climbs in our area. Follow the instructions.

4. You can earn "bonus" points as follows: 

  • 1 point just for participating in April Alpina
  • 1 point for 11-15 climbs during April 
  • 1 point for completing 5 climbs in a single day
  • 1 point for leading a ride in April
  • 2 points for 15-20 climbs during April
  • 3 points for >20 climbs during April

5. Add the end of the month, all points will be added up and prizes will be drawn. The more points, the more chances to win! You do not need to keep track of your bonus points. 

You must be a member in good standing to play.


Bridgette DeShields, ridedirector@srcc.com with questions about how to use Google Sheets

Joyce Chang, joycechang@juno.com with questions about the climbs

Want to compare your stats with prior years?  See the link HERE.

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