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Red Bar Jersey $60

Club Cut, Full Length Zipper
No club discount on this jersey

Red Bar Jersey

2019 Club Jersey $70

Club cut, full length zipper
You can order jerseys here for immediate delivery.  Order other club items such as
shorts, arm warmers, etc at the

Voler custom order site

There's no member discount on this jersey

2019 Club Jersey

2019 WCC JERSEY, Vest $70

Club cut, full length zipper

Click on image for a larger view

WCC 2019 Jersey


  These are available as a part of any order of $50 or more.


2018 WCC JERSEY $50

Club cut,
3/4 length zipper

WCC 2018 Jersey

2017 WCC JERSEY $50

Club cut,
3/4 length zipper

WCC 2017 Jersey

2016 WCC JERSEY $50

WCC 2016 Jersey

2015 WCC JERSEY $50

3/4 length zipper

WCC 2015 Jersey


No member discount on vests, no returns. Priced to clear!

We have many styles and sizes of
vests available.  The design of the vest matches the design of the jersey of the corresponding year.
Some vests are a slimmer "Race Cut" which is roughly one size smaller than the corresponding "Club Cut". 
Designs available are: (click for image)
Wheel, Grape, Red Rose, Yellow Rose,
WCC 2017, WCC 2018, WCC 2019.


Bad Little Brother Jersey

Click to Enlarge

Only available in conjunction
with the Bad Little Brother ride in May each year

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Terrible Two Jerseys and Vests

Note: Terrible Two items are available only to those who have successfully completed the event

All items are Club Cut

Sufferin' Cyclist Jersey & Vest $65

Click for larger imageClick for larger image

Sufferin' Cyclist Jersey & Vest

Day of the Dead Jersey $65

Click for larger image
Day of the Dead Jersey

Father Time Jersey, Vest $65

Click for larger imageClick for larger image
Father Time Jersey & Vest

Skull & Roses Jersey, Vest $65

Click to EnlargeClick for larger image

Skull & Roses Jersey & Vest

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