SAG (Support and Gear) Vehicles and Communication Crew  

Provide for the safety of the participating riders and facilitate communications throughout the course. Provide assistance to and monitor riders on the course and at rest stops as needed. Transport riders who are injured or tired back to the ride starting point. You will need a vehicle that can carry at least two people and two bikes and reimbursement is offered for fuel used. 

Course Signage Crew 

Place signage on course to identify points of interest for the riders, rest stops, points of danger, complex curves and areas where single-file riding is important. Place signage to alert motorists of the presence of bikes on the roads. Volunteers must have a vehicle capable of transporting 7 - 9, 8 lb. signboards and be able to work a split shift, either Friday evening late/Saturday morning early to pick up and place signs and Saturday afternoon, after the ride is finished to retrieve the signs from the course and return them to the warehouse. 

Course Hosts Crew 

Hosts are stationed out on the course at key points along the route to aid riders along the course: Making sure that riders do not miss turns, handing out "bail-out" maps to riders looking to short-cut back to finish.

Course Marking Crew

Paint the route markers on the pavement for the four different WCC routes.

 Set Up / On-Site Help / Tear Down Crew - Start/Finish Area  Please note: This position is physically challenging with lots of lifting, getting up on ladders setting up metal supports, setting up tents, pushing mechanical forklifts. 

Help with setup at Start / Finish area, move equipment, supplies and tables, carry boxes, maintenance throughout the day, monitor disposal areas to make sure items are being recycled appropriately. Take-down (at end of day)  tents and popups, and load trucks and trailers. 

Rider Check In

Check-in the riders, distribute bib numbers and route maps.

Customer Service - Start/Finish Area

Start CS Crew - Greet riders during rider check-in, answer questions about the route, answer questions about the area, etc.
Finish CS Crew - Greet riders, staff customer service / "drop-bag" claim tent.

Food Service - Finish Area 

We are having food trucks to provide the after-ride meal. "Food Service Ambassadors" will greet and direct people; point out hand-washing stations; answer questions; keep the flow moving; and serve dessert.  

Clothing Sales - Start / Finish Area

Staffing the clothing sales area: sort and display merchandise and collect payments.

Rest Stop Crews

Set up the rest stop, provide snacks and drinks, maintain the rest stop—prepare food, drinks and gather trash, guide riders in and out of the area, guide riders to other services on site such as sag support, mechanical and medical needs, clean up and pack away all food, trash and other materials and equipment.

Warm Springs Dam - General Help

  • Information Booth - Assisting riders with general questions and their drop bags\
  • Beverages - Filling & Mixing sport drinks in 5-gallon water containers, handing out ice if a hot day
  • Maintenance - Completing any site set up tasks in the am, beginning site takedown tasks in the pm.  Monitoring trash bins and recycling
  • Course Directions - Stations inside and just outside the stop to direct riders
  • Volunteer Check In - Welcoming volunteers, signing waiver forms, handing out tee shirts and nametags, directing people to their assignments

These are based on need and volunteers may be re-assigned to help in the Lunch/Munchie tents during peak times.

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