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Once again, the Santa Rosa Cycling Club needs your help to present the Terrible Two and Terrible 200K. From beginning to end of this big event we need 200 volunteers to complete all the tasks. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to join in the fun! The more help we get, the more enjoyable it is for all. Please help lighten the load and support your club. Talk to your friends and family about signing up to volunteer with you.  

Online registration for volunteering is closed.
If you can volunteer to help this weekend, please contact Susan Noble, noblesusan1@yahoo.com

 Volunteer PositionTotal Volunteer Need Current Volunteer Need Shift Time  Chair Chair Email 
Analy High - Fri. June 15 

 Bill Oetingersrccride@sonic.net
 Set Up  5FULL1700-1900 
 Analy High School - Sat. June 16    Bill Oetingersrccride@sonic.net
 Early Set Up 5  FULL0400-0800  
Analy High School  - Sat. June 16 

Angela Levingerangelalevinger@gmail.com
 Tshirt Distribution - 200K riders  1FULL1400-1700  
 Set Up 4FULL1300-1600  
 Food Service 7  21530-2000  
 Clean Up 522000-0030    
 REST and WATER STOPS - Sat. June 16     
 Buck's Driveway - Water Stop 1FULL0700-0900 Bill Ellis  red_tandem@yahoo.com
 Calistoga High School - Rest Stop  9  FULL 0700-1000 Zach Roundszachack@gmail.com
 Geysers - Water Stop  
 corner of Red Winery & Geysers Rd.
 2FULL 0800 - 1100  
 Geysers - Rest Stop 2nd Summit 10FULL 0830-1230 Denny Davis doc2davis@sbcglobal.net
 Skaggs - Water Stop  4FULL 0915-1530Sharron Bates
 Las Lomas - Water Stop  32 0930-1600 Sue Bennett  sbenn@sonic.net
 Rancheria - Rest Stop  8FULL 1000-1800 Jon Dick logan@pon.net
 Fort Ross - Rest Stop  1211130-1800 Kamran Azmoudeh azmoudehdds@gmail.com
 Monte Rio - Rest Stop  12 21230-2230 Bill Carroll carrollpb@comcast.net
 Warm Springs Dam - Rest Stop    Clay Starkcstark34@gmail.com
  Shift 1 (WSD)  3FULL0800-1000 Cathy Castle
  Shift 2 (WSD) 14 21000-1400  
 War Board - Analy High School  5FULL  Janice Thomasjmt.bike@gmail.com
 SAG (Support & Gear) 102  Jeff Durrajdlaw@sonic.net
 Bail Out Ride Leaders  2  FULL1400 WSD Scot Castleroadiescot@me.com
 Warehouse     TBD  TBD
 Fri, June 15 - Load Trailers 8 3 0900-1200  
 Fri, June 15 - Load Trailers 4 3 1300-1500  
 Sun, June 17 - Clean & Sort Supplies 10  8 0900-1200  
 Sun, June 17 - Clean & Sort Supplies 5 5 1300-1600  

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