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Jerry Applegate, Member-at-Large

Jerry Applegate has been an active member of SRCC since 2013 and a is current Board Member. He's a regular rider with the Church of the Bicycle group on Sundays and sometimes leader on those rides. Jerry became religious about road riding when he could no longer run on a daily basis. Jerry volunteers for WCC, TT, and supports the club in other ways.

He's retired, living in Healdsburg, living the Sonoma County dream, eating well and drinking great wine.

Bridgette DeShields, President

Bridgette has been a member of SRCC since 2010. She has served on the board since 2014, and is currently the club’s Board President and Ride Director. Bridgette is a lifetime athlete with a previous career as an ice skater and ballet dancer and enjoys pilates, yoga, dancing, and hiking. She took up cycling in 2010, started riding with a group known as the “Turtles,” and became a ride leader. Bridgette enjoys traveling and has led private cycling adventures to Spain and Italy as well as “domestic” tours. When not riding her bike, Bridgette works as an environmental consultant for a firm headquartered in Seattle, WA and enjoys fine food (cooking and eating!).

Nora Linville, Member-at-Large

After a 30+ years sales and marketing career in the travel and hospitality industry, Nora took an early retirement package from American Airlines to pursue her dream of living in a culture that celebrates the beauty and abundance of the land, cycling, wellness and fabulous food and wine.  On the advice of a local friend she joined the SRCC prior to relocating to Sonoma County. She volunteered at the 2009 WCC, rode the volunteers’ ride and the rest, as they say, is history.  Nora enjoys helping out at SRCC events, riding with Team Wednesday, the Tailwinds and Friendly Fridays and is known to lead a ride every so often.  

Not quite fully retired, Nora works on-call events for several wineries, a chocolate company and a culinary adventures company and is a tour guide with Wine Country Bikes.  

Chuck Pope, Member-at-Large

Chuck and his wife Camille moved to Santa Rosa in 1999. In 2011, Chuck traded in his mountain bike for a road bike and subsequently joined the SRCC. For the last five years, he has volunteered for the WCC and other club events. He was fortunate to be able to participate on the Warehouse Recovery Fund Committee during which time he gained a further commitment to the club. He enjoys riding with his wife and friends and hopes to participate in more club tours this upcoming year.

Steve Saxe, Secretary

Steve Saxe joined SRCC in 2012, shortly after returning to Sonoma County following a 37-year absence. Steve is a native of California and attended SRJC in the 1970s, where he started his career in theater and quickly switched to science for its preferred income potential. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and the University of Arizona, has lived for good stretches in Texas (long story) and Minnesota (longer story), and is still has a day job as a technical marketing manager for a local optical manufacturing company. In addition to his current passion for cycling, Steve is a lifelong photographer and musician, although he definitely should not quit his day job on their account. If asked why he fancies the club, he will tell you that he loves the companionship of the wonderful and interesting people, and the fresh air and stunning landscapes of Sonoma County. 

Donna Scornavacca, Member-at-Large

Donna has been a member of Santa Rosa Cycle Club since 2005. She started training that year for her first AIDS LifeCycle ride. Janice Eunice was leading rides back in 2005 and helped Donna get ready, with Mike as sweep! Since then, Donna has ridden in 2015, 2016, and 2018 (signed up, but not yet decided for 2019!) Donna is a gardener, hiker, animal lover, amateur naturalist living in the country in East Santa Rosa, and mom to two adult "boys." She is an avid reader (on rainy days) and works at the Windsor Library (come visit). She also has been a massage therapist for 16 years.

Dave Smith, Treasurer

Dave has been a member of the Club since 2011. He joined the Board in 2015 and served as Secretary. He currently serves as Club Treasurer. Dave participates in many Club events, including tours, brevets, and the Terrible Two. Dave is the co-owner of a water consulting firm.

Charlene Warne, Member-at-Large

Charlene joined the club in 2007 after she sold a business she owned in Sonoma County for 26 years and finally found some free time to ride again. She has become an avid cyclist and enjoys cycling in our beautiful county and especially enjoys exploring new routes. When not biking, Charlene works seasonally as a tax preparer for H&R Block, loves to hike, and enjoys traveling all over the world with her husband Rick.

Gary Weeks, Vice President

Gary and his wife Chris moved to Santa Rosa in 2014 and joined the SRCC within a couple of months and has been enjoying the many rides since that date. He serves as club Vice President and is a ride leader.  Gary left his work behind when they moved up here from the South Bay.  His interest in cycling grew from stories of his parents' cycling adventures in England, and he has been riding since about 1970 although did take a long break through all the 1990s and a bit longer, coming back about 2007. He still has his custom Condor from 1973 and anyone who knows him would agree that Gary likes bikes.

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